Health is the combination of Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional & Spiritual (PMSES) well-being. This integrated approach towards life is called Yoga, oneness with the composite whole. The roots of this integrated approach comes from the ancient Yogic concept of 5 bodies: Physical – Annamaya Kosha Energy – Pranamaya Kosha, Mental – Manamaya Kosha, Wisdom – Vijnanmaya Kosha, Bliss – Anandamaya Kosha. SELF – Atman Kosha stands for Cover, as pearl shell covering the pearl. Science introduced time as the fourth dimension & spirituality introduces Permanent Bliss as the fifth & last dimension of the world. The goal of every goal of life is Peace & Happiness. The internal journey crosses different koshas to reach the permanent bliss through Yoga practices. The papers attempts to elaborate the impact of evolution of these 5 Koshas for spiritual awakening and will touch issues related to science of emotions & its impact on social, mental & spiritual growth. As biology is the science of body, botany is the science of plants similarly spiritualism is the science of life.

Dr. Vikrant Singh Tomar is a scholar, academician, writer, trainer, and management consultant with expertise in ancient spiritual wisdom and modern living. He has conducted talks and programs on life management and ancient Vedic wisdom for over 240,000 beneficiaries across 30 countries, including Cabinet Ministers, MLA, officers of Defense, Paramilitary, Government, Public Sector Undertakings, and Multinational Corporations. He has authored a book and is a founder director of several organizations, including United Consciousness Global and Project Inc. USA, and serves on the board of the European Yoga Federation and the Spiritual Council in Africa.

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