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Visual Identity

Our visual identity features a lotus flower with fourteen overlapping petals. The lotus flower represents enlightenment, peace, and infinite Universal Consciousness, while the fourteen petals represent transcending fourteen limited identities.


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Significance of logo

  • Lotus represents enlightenment, peace, and infinite Universal Consciousness.
  • Petals of Lotus represent all beings in the universe. 
  • Overlapping Petals of Lotus represents the Togetherness of All beings. 
  • White Essence in the center represents one source of All beings. 
  • Fourteen Petals represents transcending fourteen limited identities.

Brand Name: United Consciousness

Purpose: United Consciousness is a global platform that aims to bridge the gap between spiritual masters, experts, researchers and seekers worldwide, fostering universal oneness, peace, holistic well-being, spiritual wisdom, and happiness for all.

Target Audience: Our target audience includes spiritual seekers worldwide who are looking for guidance, knowledge, and inspiration to enhance their spiritual journey and to contribute into making a peaceful and unified world.

Brand Values: At United Consciousness, we stand for oneness, universal peace, spiritual wisdom, and holistic well-being across the planet. We believe in the power of one consciousness and the togetherness of all beings.

Brand Personality: Our brand personality is warm, approachable, and knowledgeable, offering spiritual seekers a authentic, safe and supportive space to learn, grow, and connect.

Brand Voice: Our brand voice is compassionate and uplifting, offering spiritual seekers guidance and inspiration to help them on their spiritual journey.

Communication Channels: We communicate with our target audience through our website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and email marketing.

Additional Considerations: We are committed to providing our community with high-quality content and resources to enhance their spiritual journey. We believe in the power of community and aim to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for all seekers.

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Stay connected with the latest news and updates from United Consciousness by following our social media accounts across platforms. Our community members can submit requests to have their events or initiatives shared on our social media channels by filling out a simple form.

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Presentations: There are presentations you can use to pitch UC to clients and other interested parties.

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