Dr. Vikrant Tomar, India

Dr. Vikrant Tomar, India

Global Convener, United Consciousness

Dr. Vikrant Singh Tomar is an Internationally acknowledged, scholar, Author and a management
consultant. He is Nominated by Civil 20 (Under G-20) us the ‘International Coordinator’, For the
“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, to promote in G-20 Nations. He is the Global convener of World Yoga
Summit- Germany 2023. He is the Convenor of ‘United Consciousness Global’, an initiative operating in all
six continents of the world for establishing Divine beyond Divides and working for development of world’s
first ‘Integrated Manual of Humanity’. He is the founder Director of Project Inc. USA, Board Member of
European Yoga Federation, Italy, Board Member of Spiritual Council in Africa
He has addressed at various platforms of, national and international significant covering more than
300,000 beneficiaries across the World. His beneficiaries come from 120 countries and 100 organizations
around the world. During these Developmental, institutional, industrial, Social Change programs he has
covered diverse areas of Socio-Economic and organizational excellence.
He has authored the books “Rule the world as Krishna Did” published from Author House Publications UK
and “Vedanta and Life Management”.

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Vedānta philosophy and 21st World Problems

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