Happiness is the Choice

We are born by chance, and one fine day we will die by chance, but between birth and death, everything (whole life) is a choice. We make choices and choices make us. Three basic principles of life work throughout life- 1st Principle- is “People are choice makers”; every moment we make choice; 2nd Principle – is “Not choosing one is actually choosing another one” this means if you are choosing to read this means you are not choosing something else to read, and if you are choosing that you are not choosing this! 3rd Principle – “Choices are the cause and life is the effect” (keeping these 3 principles in mind and read this message.)

There are seven major choices that we make in life that determine our holistic happiness.

1st Choice: Every morning we make a choice – body or the buds (taste buds)? Every time whenever we do something we have a choice – what do I want to eat? Is this something which is healthy or something which is only appeasing my taste buds? When the morning alarm rings assure you to the chosen your body over comfort and you change, you gain health as a result.

2nd Choice: Assure, that your profession should match your disposition. When you do what you love to do some profession which you actually are born for. Then you don’t need to work for a single day ever in your life and your life will be seamless. Otherwise, you will have to do two jobs throughout your life – 10 hrs you will be working for your abdomen and then again 10hrs you will be working for doing something for your heart. So, why do 2 jobs throughout life? Choose 2- 1 job where your disposition, your personality traits, what you love, and your gifts and blessings should match with your profession. This is what Lord Krishna says in Gita – “Swadharma! do Your Swadharma for which you are born for, then you will gain satisfaction in life!”

3rd Choice: At any moment choose a relation over a situation. There will be many places /situation come in your life then you have to choose between relationships on a situation, then always choose a relationship. If right now this is the last moment of your life, whom or what are you missing the most? Think about! So, assure every moment give your best to all the relationships you care for. This is the 3rd choice that will make your life emotionally secure.

4th Choice: Every moment there is a choice between response or reaction. Somebody said something either you immediately say something blah… blah… blah…! Without thinking, there is no time gap, no brain in between reacting to a situation, it is called addiction. But between addiction and reaction some zone of freedom I exercised. This is called response. I give enough time before I say or do anything etc. In Bhagwad Gita, Addiction means Vikarma, Reaction means Pratikarma, and Response means Karma! Karma gives you Emotional stability(Samattvam).

5th Choice: Fight or Flight in any situation what do you choose? E.g., Mohandas K. Gandhi was insulted at a railway station, he was thrown on the railway station just because of his skin colour. But the person who stood up and fight for rights, he was Mahatma Gandhi! That was a choice, and this choice gives us strength.

6th Choice: Have or don’t have, what do you focus on every morning? Do you focus on, things you have or do you focus on, things you don’t have? Every morning, if you get up and think about the things you are blessed with, your whole day goes in happiness and you feel Gratitude.

7th Choice: Accept or Expect! When you keep expecting you become a perpetual beggar. But when you accept the things you have you become a saint. Once you Embrace things you feel happy and peaceful.

  1. When you choose Body over Bud – you get Health!
  2. When you choose Disposition over Profession – you feel Satisfied!
  3. When you choose Relation over Situation – you feel Emotionally Secure!
  4. When you choose Response over Reaction every moment – you feel Emotionally Stable!
  5. When you choose to Fight rather than Flight – you feel Strength!
  6. When you choose what You Have rather than what You Don’t – you feel Gratitude!
  7. When you Accept things rather than Expecting from people – you feel Peace!
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